I have been working with flash and actionscript for the past 4 years. I have built games for Hasbro, Coca-Cola and Chevrolet. Aside from games, I have worked on websites for Jack Daniels, the Check, Please! television show, and various microsites for many of the top consumer brands. I enjoy the challenge of creating the best solution to a problem.

I love my job.

Building games and creating fun products is such a great time.

Generative Art

These works were created using Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3. The shapes and patterns that they make are formed by using algorithms I have created and fine-tuned to produce a series of work that can be readily reproduced with some controlled variances in composition.

The ribbons that appear in the site's introduction use this process as well, with some tweaks so the site doesn't take too long to load. Each time the site is loaded, a new series of ribbons are generated, so there is virtually no chance of seeing the same arrangement twice.